Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ten Minute Trek: I Wonder if They Had Any Clue How Many Novels Would be Written?

So, Spock's dad reeeeeally needs surgery, but Spock won't provide said surgery, because Kirk got stabbed. Bromantic.

Spock, to be fair, is quoting regulation, but I think everyone would understand. A thought occurs - what if Jolene Blalock, who never had a hidden emotion in her life, was cast so that Spock, in these moments, could seem like a reaction against T'Pol? I know, that's extreme, and probably more thought than UPN let anyone put into casting, but I'm just throwing that out there. Spock stomps as only Spock can off to go interrogate the Andorian.

The Ambassador doesn't really know much about the guy who attacked Kirk. Spock suspects brainwashing or mental conditioning type stuff. The ambassador denies any involvement. Andorian ambassador. I should clarify at this point. The Andorian ambassador does suggest to Spock that he should forget about logic as a motive for murder. Wow, we're all over the map on this one.

Amanda comes to Spock and asks him to turn command over to someone else. Spock points out that these are not normal circumstances. They have a debate about the transfusion, Amanda admits she doesn't get his reason for refusing even if Sarek does, and reminds Spock that he is part human. She begs him to let that part of himself come through. The conversation delves into Vulcan philosophy and not sacrificing that for personal gain. I think there could be whole sermons about this scene, I could go on for ages. But until then, just imagine it's an episode of anything on ABC Family and you get the idea. In the end, she threatens to hate him for the rest of her life and slaps him across the face. That went well.

There was a time at a convention where Leonard Nimoy and Zach Quinto were onstage together. Someone asked Zach if there was anything that he did with Spock that was new to the character and he responded "No" without even hearing the entire question. And then Nimoy said, well, actually....

I think he was talking about this moment right here:

But that was always there, in Spock Prime, or Nimoy's Spock, or whatever you want to call him. Sometimes it came out, but he always kept it tightly under wraps. I think that as long as Zach succeeds in doing that - for the most part - that his Spock will be mostly successful.

When Amanda leaves Spock in his quarters, he rests his hand on the door for a moment. The best Spock moments show the depth of his emotion... but not for too long.

Kirk wakes up in Sickbay with a bandage on his chest. McCoy explains the situation. He hauls himself out of bed and to the bridge, relieves Spock, and then calls for Scotty to come cover things.

I'm actually going to leave it here, because it's a good breaking point. There's more than 10 minutes left, but not by much.

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