Friday, October 30, 2015

Ten Minute Trek: TOS: We Know Drama

When we left off - an ambassador had been murdered, and Sarek was the prime suspect - and when he was confronted, he collapsed.

McCoy diagnoses "something to do with his cardiovascular system."

A heart attack. We call that a heart attack. "Can you help him?" "I don't know." Weeeellll, he couldn't diagnose a heart attack on this guy - who saw that coming?

Kirk tries to talk to Spock about this later, on the bridge, but Spock is busy taking sensor readings. I'm forcibly reminded of Spock in Abrams' Trek in 2009, clinging to work after the destruction of Vulcan and the death of his mother. He denies being worried about his father and continues working.

Spock makes a report on the mystery ship following them, and Kirk continues talking shop with him. Mostly, I find Shatner's acting mockable, but he really does, here, seem to believably empathize with Spock. Of course, Bill Shatner's father died during the filming of Devil in the Dark, and he had to carry on filming and then come right back to work immediately after the funeral, so I imagine maybe it's not so much acting as it is remembering. Still, it's a touching scene, and one that cements the relationship between Kirk and Spock in a lot of fans' minds.

Uhura picks up the last part of a transmission again. She is able to identify it as being transmitted somewhere on the Enterprise.

No problem. That's only, like, 500 suspects (including the diplomats.)

Kirk immediately starts blustering again, by which I mean Shatner starts Shatnering again. The moment is broken. Thanks, Uhura.

McCoy has diagnosed Sarek with... a Vulcan heart attack. Basically. Sarek has had three previous incidents and not told his wife. Are we sensing an issue with communication here?

Holy crap.

I'm sorry, just.... no, dude.

"It's a better way" my hind foot. OMG.

Anyway, he was busy doing that while the ambassador was being murdered, so that's... actually, that's still a crappy alibi. Never mind.

Anyway, surgery is super super dangerous, blah, blah, McCoy doesn't know how to do it and they need a lot of blood which they don't have. Spock could donate. But it's too much blood for a person to give. Spock offers to give odds on finding a way to produce enough blood. Amanda declines to hear them.

Spock, however, does come up with a solution. He finds a drug that can boost the blood output of a Rigelian, which is practically the same species, apparently, and McCoy has never operated on a Vulcan before. This drug would strain other organs, and might kill Sarek. But Spock, apparently, doesn't want to give Sarek the drug. He wants to give it to himself. McCoy and Amanda refuse to agree to the surgery.

Spock hands his data to McCoy and leaves the room with a giant guilt trip.

Kirk is having a fight with an Andorian. Cue the music! Cue the punching! Cue the knife! Cue the... kicking... the wall... NOT Kirk's finest moment. He gets stabbed in the back and manages to call for help before he collapes, with the assailant unconscious.

Kirk almost died, and is now unconscious. Sarek is worse. But Spock is now refusing to help, because he is in command.

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