Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ten Minute Trek: It's a Brave New World

Let's just get this out of the way first:

In case you've been living under a rock:

We are getting a little New Years' gifty in 14 months

So, things are suddenly very different than they were last time we did this. All of a sudden, once again, we are looking to a future, not just re-chronicling a past. So I'd like to take a moment here and thank J.J. and his crew and yes, I know we all have issues with them at this point, but for everyone who has dreamed of a chance to see this thing go forward and share it with our children with the same wonder we had... here it is. So thank you, JJ, and Bob, and Alex, and Damon, and everyone who came together and took the risks that won us this chance... and thank you, especially, Leonard, because we never ever would have come to this moment if you hadn't, I promise, we never would have taken the emotional risk necessary to give JJ a chance. We believe because you believed, and I promise you, I will never, ever doubt again.

So, now, let's talk about changes.

The transmission is going to somewhere in the Enterprise. It's going to the brig. And the call is coming from inside the house. So they go search the guy they have locked up and...

Back in surgery, okay, I'm sorry, they're letting Amanda watch? THE HECK? Who decided that was a good idea, exactly? I'm sorry, I have a kid and a husband and... no. Just no.

Anyway, they're doing the surgery and McCoy is making comments that obviously show that he has no clue what he's doing, and he knows perfectly well that Amanda is watching. I mean, you can't see blood, but still.

Spock suddenly tries to sit up. "I must see the Captain." He just realized that something is hinky about the alien ship. But he can't tell anyone what because Nurse Chapel shoots him full of something knockyouty.

McCoy keeps operating.

Security tries to search the Andorian but he attacks the guard and starts running for the door. You would think this would be futile since there's another guard by the door. You also, however, would think prisoners were routinely scanned for transmitters. The guard stuns him and his antenna falls off, revealing a device inside. Well... that was unexpected.

So they call Kirk and tell him all about it. Kirk doesn't even get mad at security for not scanning the guy. I'm kind of mad. What kind of crap security is this?

The alien ship is heading right toward them at Warp 8. Kirk order the prisoner to the bridge and has Chekov take Spock's station. The klaxons are sounding, and Kirk shoots at the alien ship and Uhura reports that the diplomats are freaking out, asking what's going on.

Kirk: Tell them to taaake...a....gooood....gueeess.... but clear that board, Lieutenant!

My husband: That was the most Shatner I've ever heard Shatner Shatner.

For what it's worth.

So the other ship starts shooting.

McCoy makes some mention of how if that happens again, he will lose both Sarek and Spock. Again, I remind you, Amanda is standing right there.

Commercial Break.

Music, zooming, shooting, firing photons, blah, blah, blah.

So, there is another shake like that, and Sarek's heart stops. Amanda is still there. Spock looks over at his father. I guess the knockyouty wore off. The power goes out, and McCoy asks for a portable cardiostimulator.

Oh, and if they get hit at the #4 shield again, they're done for.

That's when the prisoner arrives at the bridge. Kirk starts to interrogate him....

Things shake in Sickbay...

The Andorian threatens everyone. Kirk turns off all the lights and power on the starboard side and has them play dead, then draws the other ship in for the kill. He offers to let them surrender, but they self-destruct.

Meanwhile, Sarek, wakes up.

The Prisoner kills himself as well. Poison.

Kirk has Chekov take over and goes to Sickbay. McCoy tries to lecture him for all the shaking. Amanda invites Kirk into the other room. Clearly, they don't believe in recovery rooms there. Intense teasing resumes. Spock informs them the aliens were Orions, who wanted to raid Coridan. The ship was out of specs - it was made for a suicide misison. The crew couldn't have returned home. More teasing resumes, including Sarek and Amanda this time, and Spock and his father move into a better, more positive relationship - at least until you get to Unification.

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