Friday, January 22, 2016

Timeless doesn't mean without time

Now that I've spun a message of hope and joy... let's talk about "Timeless".

It was advertised as Voyager's hundreth episode. You can see that advertising here:
There is nothing ambiguous about this. It's the hundredth episode.

Arithmetic time.

Season One had 16 episodes. Seasons Two through Four, 26. Timeless is the sixth episode of Season Five. 16+(3*26)+6 is 100, yes, you're right. The problem is twofold. First, that 16 counts Caretaker parts I and II, which have two separate production numbers but were aired and filmed together. Second, the production number is 201. "Timeless" was the 99th episode aired, but the 101st produced. The episode numbered 200 would be the hundredth produced, but it didn't air for another two weeks.

So... what happened? You could debate the Caretaker thing, but not the production order. Keep in mind that at the time, the production numbers were available on the website before the episode was broadcast. I mean, seriously.

"Timeless" isn't a great episode. Neither is the other, "Nothing Human", but it's okay. They're both okay. Timeless, though, was made to look good on screen. Voyager crashes in to a freaking planet, and it looks visually pretty good. You get to see Captain LaForge (even though that conflicts with "All Good Things", which was cowritten by the same person who thought up this episode).

It sucks.

For a hundredth episode, it sucks.

Voyager was the last Star Trek to reach 100, and it might continue to be - we just don't know enough about Prime to make a judgement yet. We deserved better. The fans deserved better. We still do - but we have to be better than we have been. On Sunday, millions of X-Files fans will get their second chance because they proved they could handle it. It's time for us to earn ours.

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