Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ten Minute Trek: Force Of Nature: Now can we find out what the episode is actually about?

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If you recall, we left off with Data and Geordi chasing a cat and then opening credits, because Season 7 of TNG was awesome that way.


Am I the only one hit with nostalgia, still, at the opening credits on Season 7 of whatever, or is someone else going to admit to that, too? Anyone?


It's just me, isn't it?

Captain's log and all that. They are investigating the disappearance of a starship in a location we've never heard of and probably never will again, that has "unique properties" *dun dun duuuuun*.

A staff briefing allows us to get some exposition. Basically, in order to warp through this area you have to go through a little tunnel because something something tetryons something technobabble, not really the point anyway. So they're searching the "Hekkaras Corridor" for this missing ship, 'mkay?

My husband interjects at this point: is this the one where the warp speed's causing damage? Me: Yes. Him: Sweet. I know my Star Trek!

So there's a planet but they're only remembering seeing a Ferengi ship go by. So maybe the Ferengi hijacked the ship? Hmmm....

Geordi and Data are in Engineering. Geordi is trying to get a higher power conversion level because he is in some macho contest with some other Engineer about the power conversion levels on their ships. Considering Geordi spent all of Season 3 trying to get a girl to talk to him, this is absolutely character development. Geordi and Data continue to have a conversation where Geordi explains that he is being a stereotypical male without using the words "stereotypical" or "male".

They proceed into the Jeffries' tube and start working on sensors, which is what they actually need to do. Data tells Geordi about trying to train his cat. Geordi suggests a low stun phaser blast. Data, sounding rather disturbed, says "Geordi, I cannot stun my cat."

Geordi tells Data he was kidding. And this is basically the entire series in a nutshell. They continue repairs and discussing training cats. Geordi tells Data about his sister training her cat by walking around with tuna in her shirt for 2 months. They continue through the tube and get the sensors working.

At this moment, Riker summons them to the Bridge because they are picking up a ship, and they want people who know what they're doing (but can't recognize a joke) at their posts.

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